Bathed in Sunshine, Covered in Dust

An Introduction to Contemporary Art in Reno, NV  ::  CURATORS Sarah Lillegard + Jen Graham

There is something unique and strange about the city of Reno. We are encased by mountains, bathed in sunshine, and covered in dust. It is both easy and impossible to be an artist living in Reno. The people of Reno have built an art community on their own, which supports itself and relies on no one else. In Reno we know how to survive without water, without nourishment, with nothing but our own will to create. The work being created here has a distinct quality and voice that seems far away from anything you’d find in a bigger city. The goal of this project is to begin to define that distinct quality and to serve as an introduction to the contemporary art of Reno, Nevada.

Documentation by Nate Clark.


February 2014  |  HOLLAND PROJECT GALLERY  Reno NV