The Plain Sense of Things

 CURATORS Sarah Lillegard + Jared Stanley

The human landscape is teeming with language. Directions, instructions, recommendations, and advertising shape the way we move through the world. But what does a body do when it reads language embedded in places, and how does language affect how our bodies move through a place? This exhibition presents encounters with language, featuring work by writers, readers, and visual artists, each of whom consider the ways reading transforms perceptions of space into experiences of place, exploring how the unstable medium of language works as a sextant, guiding the human reader through a landscape, a library or a gallery.

The exhibition spans the Sierra Nevada College campus in the Garage Door Gallery, Tahoe Gallery and Poetry Center and features work by Cari Carmean, Tom Comitta, William L. Fox, Matthew Hebert, Nate Joski, Lara Mimosa Montes, Felicia Perez, Stanley St. John, Julia Schwadron, Nicholas Valdez, and Alli Warren. Documentation by Dane Haman and Daniel Kelly.


January/February 2016  |  SIERRA NEVADA COLLEGE Incline Village NV